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InterCommerce Network Services, Inc., operating as Global Teleprocessing Services, Inc. since 1987, was restructured in 1998 to offer B2B electronic commerce solutions and networking facilities to Philippine businesses and government agencies, linking them with their local and global trading partners.

The company provides messaging services using the GXS Community Server, GXS Enterprise Application Integrator (EAI) and other networking tools to enable integration between applications of trading partners. For global transactions, the company provide the services through the facilities of Global eXchange Services (GXS).

GXS executes $1 trillion worth of business-to-business electronic commerce transactions annually across 58 countries, managing the world's largest electronic trading community of more than 100,000 trading partners in 750 cities across the globe. It is the market leader in the world of B2B exchanges. InterCommerce is a joint venture company of IC Technologies and Taiwan-based eSkylink.com.

Unit 501, The Pearlbank Centre, 146 Valero St., Salcedo Village Makati City
Trunk line: (632) 888-4674 / Fax (632) 843-8160 Email: helpdesk@intercommerce.com.ph