Customs Workstation System
An EDI Solution for the
Bureau of Customs

Weary of your "paperful" workload?

Staying ahead of your competitors is not an easy task, especially when you barely have the time with all the paperwork in front of you. And if you belong to the Customs trading community, all the hours in a day just doesn't seem enough to keep up with all those import entry declarations that need to be lodged. Face it: Time is of the essence. And the longer you take getting your business done, the more it's going to cost you ... miscellaneous charges, storage and demurrage charges, idle production line and missed sales opportunities.

The solution is the Customs Workstation System (CWS), a windows-based, front-end software was developed by InterCommerce Network Services in cooperation with the Bureau of Customs, internetworking importers, traders and Customs brokers, freight forwarders, with the Bureau of Customs using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution.

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"The CWS: a Windows-based front-end software."
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